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The main objective in DUO! is to see how far your attention can go when presented with a grid of cards presented in rows and columns, and being given the ability to turn one card at a time. If you flip two cards consecutively and they have the same design on them, then you take them away from the playing field.


About us

We develop games on mobile devices in order to reach a global audience and evolve with the needs and desires of today’s society. We have an international team of experienced developers, designers, illustrators and animators based in Oslo, Norway, and Paris, France.

Adam Nasri

Co-founder, Game Design

As co-founder, Game Designer and CEO, Adam leads the team making sure their dreams become reality. Adam has extensive experience working with children, as well as head designer in several successful start-ups. Adam's motivational influence and passion have been key drivers in the creation of Thinkin2D.

Sebastien Dignoire

Co-founder, Game Programer

Sebastien currently works as a robotic engineer at the University of Paris. In addition he develops apps and games for smartphones, a passion he has pursued for several years. Thanks to his dedication, hard working nature and enthusiasm for his work he is able to combine both of his interests, which have helped him to become very skilled in each field.

Benjamin Pappas

UX and Graphic Design

Benjamin is a cross platform applications designer. He started his career in 2011 and has since then created several apps and games for mobile. Benjamin’s expertise in UX design and talent in illustration allow him to continuously challenge the limits and find tailor-made solutions for all of our projects.

Michael Ortiz-Estay

2D artist, Animator

Michael’s diverse background in illustration, web, cinema, animation and video games have provided him with a great deal of valuable experience. In addition to his artistic strengths, Michaël has played pretty much every type of game possible, which has taught him how to structure and build innovative games. His gaming experience and artistic mind-set make Michaël an essential part of our team at Thinkin2D.

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